Discover How to Permanently Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


Tired of Having Too High Blood Sugar ?!

The #1 Reason Many People Struggle With Diabetes!

The #1 reason many people struggle with high blood sugar and diabetes is because they haven´t been told by their doctors how to properly address and manage their diabetes. Let alone how to reverse it.

This is because most doctors don´t actually understand what causes Type 2 Diabetes. They are trained to prescribe drugs out to their patients, and many of them don´t have any nutrional training either.

The drugs are of course important but the main thing is, they don´t actually cure type 2 diabetes. They only address and subdue the high blood sugar for a while until they rise again.

They don´t actually address the underlying reason for the high blood sugar, but only the high blood sugar itself, which is merely a symptom of the diabetes.

So you can understand, that there is more needed than just the drugs, which temporarily lower the high blood sugar, but does not treat the real disease, the underlying cause.

My Story

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes my doctors told me directly, that I must aim to keep my blood sugars below 120 mg/dl with diet, and that my sugars weren´t able to go down to the normal level of 100 mg/dl simply because I now had Type 2 Diabetes.

So for a few years I believed in my doctor, and really thought it was a chronic disease as I was told, and that the only thing I could do was to keep my sugars below the 120 mg/dl.

Oh how mistaken my doctor was! I have proved that my blood sugar could go down to the normal level, and I have even learnt to stabilize them there without any problems.

But it has been a journey of trial and error!

For a long time I kept my blood sugars below the upper limit my doctors told me. But there came a time where I wasn´t able to do that anymore with the diet advice I was given by my doctor.

So I became in a sense desperate to find out more about diabetes and how I could keep my blood sugars low with diet and nutrition.

And it has been quite a roller coaster for me. I´ve tried a low carb diet which didn´t work. I have tried the Atkins diet which didn´t work either. I have tried a keto genic diet which in the beginning seemed to work out okay but failed in the long run. 

And over the years i've tried to make many changes to my diet without being on a certain diet but trying and testing out food, and journaling about it to see what was good for me and what was not good for me. This seemed to work but sometimes when my blood sugars went up instead of down I couldn´t understand why.

Then I found out that many of the foods that I thought was healthy for diabetes like yoghurt, eggs and meat really aren´t good for diabetics at all, despite that my doctor said they were alright for diabetics.

So through my own studies and learning about food and nutrition I realized that there is a certain way to live with type 2 diabetes, and there are certain foods to eat when you want to get healthy.

I just basically thought for a long time that eating a naturally healhty and moderate diet would be the way to stable blood sugars. But no! That doesn´t work! - simply because foods that are naturally healthy for regular people without diabetes isn´t healthy for people with diabetes.

If you do this, you´ll increase your insulin resistance and not get better.

I also actually learnt that most of the advice the doctors give is useless in regards to type 2 diabetes. So I realized I had to look outside of the dietary advice-toolbox they gave me to begin with.

So here´s some really interesting news! Carbohydrates! is not the cause of type 2 diabetes even though almost every health proffesional will tell you that. You actually have to include carbohydrates, not the refined ones, but the right ones, also called complex carbohydrates.

And realizing this, and not avoiding carbohydrates in my diet such as fruit, berries and potatoes which we are told to stay away from have actually helped me a great deal with my diabetes.

And realizing what the cause of Type 2 diabetes really is, and eating in the right way for type 2 diabetes, I now have permanent stable blood sugars, and I really want that for you too.

It´s Easier Than You Think!

It´s not difficult! You can do so without any medication, and if you are taking medications, you can get off those as you gradually heal your body.

I don´t have a magic pill to offer you or a magic solution. But what I do have to offer is a real solution that will, over time, lower and stabilize your blood sugar.

I´m Here to Help!

And it won´t take that long either to reverse type 2 diabetes. In some cases it can take up to 2 to 3 months depending on the severity of the disease. But many people lower their blood sugar drastically after just a few weeks.

I once coached a person, and he only made one of the many changes I suggested to him, and his blood sugar went down a whopping 10% after just 1 week.

So just think, if you made all the 6 changes that our strategy suggests. What would then happen! ?  Yes! - exactly, your blood sugar would go much futher down, and pretty soon reach the normal level. It´s possible! 

So how do I accomplish this ? you may ask!

The Key Is To Understanding Diabetes.. be able to take the right steps against it!

Of course I could just tell you; do this! and do that! But if I did, you would´nt understand why ? 

And I really want you to understand why, so you know what you are doing. It also becomes much easier to develop your own way of doing things, not necessarily as I have found them to work for me. We are all different people, and no one solution fits all.

Don´t get me wrong! Of course I will inform you what to do, but I really think it is necessary for everyone to learn a bit about the disease and how it works in your body.

It´s important.

We´ve gotta know what we are dealing with.

There is also a satisfaction in knowing that. And not just doing things blindly because someone told you to.

Steal My Strategy And Make It Your Own!

Your can steal my strategy and tweak it to fit your own personal needs. In other words you will be empowered to take this disease into your own hands, and not to rely on other peoples suggestions to overcome your diabetes.

What I am saying here is that in essence it is help to self help, and we can only help ourselves when we fully understand the problem we are faced with, in this case Type 2 Diabetes. And then it becomes so much easier to deal with :)

When you fully understand it! - you´ll have the flexibility to experiment with lifestyle changes that work within the scope of Type 2 Diabetes.

I promise! - It won´t be difficult!

What is critically important is to consume  the right nutrition, and   exercise gently on a daily basis  to overcome Type 2 Diabetes.

This is the truth. Type 2 Diabetes is actually cureable through a healthy and lasting lifestyle change, simply because Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, and not a chronic disease as we´ve been told.

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Healthy Nutrition Is The Way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Along With Gentle Daily Exercise! Because Food Is Medicine!

This is discovered in my quest to combat my Type 2 Diabetes.

BUT!.. You need to know which foods to consume because type 2 diabetes is a multifacetted disease that creates a lot of disharmony in the body. And you need to consume food in a way that all these disharmonies can heal. 

For example when you have Insulin Resistance, you also have a non-fatty alcoholic liver that needs to be addressed. And there is also oxidative stress to be taken into account. There are high insulin levels. There may be a level of obesity. There may be gut issues. Your microbiome may not be healthy, and hormones and enzymes necessary for optimal metabolic processes may not be adequately produced in your intestines. 

This may sound like a lot!

But how would you like if I told you that we have developed 1 simple strategy that will address all these issues, and stabilize your blood sugar at the normal level?

Would that be something! ?



This is a very simple and easy to implement solution to all the issues of Type 2 Diabetes.

Everyone can follow this advice. And when you follow it, you will begin to see results in a very short time.

Here is what you get with our product.

  1. A Real And Thorough Understanding of Type 2 Diabetes - Neccesary For You to Take The Right Action!
  2. Our 1 Model Strategy To Permanently Put Type 2 Diabetes Into Remission - Follow This Strategy And Watch Your Blood Sugars Dramatically Drop! 
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